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Precision land management 

In farming, so many things are beyond your control – the weather, commodity prices, availability of qualified labour, to name just a few. New Holland Precision Land Management (PLM) puts you back in control, with precision technology that supports farm productivity and efficiencies across your entire operation – so you can make the most of every season.

PLM gives you more control over every operation down to the square inch. From managing inputs during field preparation, planting and growing, to monitoring yield and moisture at harvest – you control the entire crop production cycle. Reduce waste, increase overall efficiency and uncover opportunities that turn potential into profit. Enhance your farm productivity and make the most of every season – with New Holland PLM.

Flinders Machinery is a New Holland PLM Certified Dealer. With a Precision Agriculture Technician as part of our team, customers have access to one on one support giving them someone to help operate and manage their precision farming technology. With a strong knowledge of all the New Holland PLM products we can suggest the best options to suit your needs and offer operational support long after the product is installed. We want to see your farming operation be the most efficient and productive as possible using the latest technology from New Holland Agriculture. Once purchased, we fit, supply and calibrate in the field to ensure our products are set up to suit your conditions, regularly keeping up to date with the latest training and current equipment. 

PLM equipment can be packaged with machinery purchases and financed or purchased on various promotional offers throughout the year meaning you could be working with the best technology sooner.  

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CropScan 3300H On Combine Analyser

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The CropScan 3300H On Combine Analyser measures protein, moisture, oil, starch and fiber in cereal grains and oil seeds as they stripped and reapped in a combine harvester. The system provides

real-time protein maps in the field and allows operators to segregate grain based on quality parameters instantly. By combining the protein data with GPS coordinates and yield data, then a range of field and paddock maps can be generated post harvest, e.g. Nitrogen Removal Maps, Protein/Yield Correlation Maps, Gross Margin Maps and Variable Rate Nitrogen Fertilization Applications.

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Precision Land Management  SUPPORT

For further information, inquiries or technical support on any PLM products please contact: 

Ryan McCallum 0429 636 648 or email 

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